Muzicosphere in 2009…

2009 is about to end… Let’s have a look backward and take a picture of this whole year of  blogging about musical instruments

Muzicosphere in 2009… Some statistics.

  • February 9: the current version of the blog is online
  • That day, 6 visitors miraculously found their way here.
  • 270 articles published in French and English. One point I want to make clear because some people asked me: I write the articles in French or English, and then I translate them without using any automatic translator. As I’m not a native English speaker, you might sometimes find my writing a bit awkward. That’s who I am, and I’m putting a lot of efforts to improve every single day.
  • 42000 visitors found their way here since the first day
  • Over 1200 comments have been left
  • 56 video demos of musical instruments have been submitted by the muzicosphere readers. I thank you all, and especially the first ones who did: Doc Loco, Woodoocry, Eric Dupin and Jipes
  • 3 gear and accessory giveaways have been held. Prizes were a Beta Aivin chorus pedal effect, a William’son Red Bee guitar both from and 2 custom art pickguards from Didier Guyot-Viviane.
  • A lot of interactions either in real life or on the interweb. Shout out to the gang, Pierre from lachaî, Guillaume (Agatzebluz) from Le Blog Qui Gratte, Joris from Guitar Wink, Jon from, Eric Dupin from Presse-Citron, Jean-François from, Didier Guyot-Viviane, Lionel Aknine, Bruno from Gibson France, Frédo, Rémi (who is lending me some space on his server to allow you to submit your videos) and many more…

Am I satisfied with this?

Of course I am… But I’m quite dubious too for at least 3 reasons. First, I don’t actually know how good (or bad) this is for a less-than-a-year blog. Second, some technical choices I’ve made turned out to be injudicious, and probably had a negative effect on my efforts to cut through the internet background noise (for example: the wordpress theme might be not the best from the reader’s point of view as for managing the publishing process, the multilingual management plugin has some negative impact on SEO,…). And last but not the least, I’ve been quite erratic sometimes during the course of the year.

2010 perspectives are clear.

  1. Keep on with the blogging thing.
  2. Adjust the boring technical stuff.
  3. Be less erratic.
  4. B onus Perspective: Re-think some of the Muzicosphere related projects… And make them happen! I’ll tell you further once the thinking and the choices will be made.

All I have to do now is to wish you a great new year’s eve to definitely turn the 2009 page…

About Sem

I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.


  1. Longue vie à Muzicosphere et plein de découvertes et d’instruments étranges !!

  2. Merci Vleb… On va essayer de tenir le cap!! 🙂

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