Muzicosphere Custom Guitar Picks Made by Grover Allman

Muzicosphere Guitar Picks Grover Allman

In the modern world everything is standard so customizing any single thing you can is a very healthy activity I think. You can customize just for pleasure but you can also do it for utilitarian purposes. Guitar picks for example are an excellent additional communication media for musicians, bands, stores or even guitar bloggers.

Several weeks ago I launched my seesmic desktop to check my twitter timeline, and I saw a tweet from @groverallman saying that they were giving away 500 custom guitar picks plus an iPod Nano once they reach 500 followers. It was fairly simple to be part of the drawing: become a follower (I already was), and retweet the message… Sweet!

A couple of days later I received a tweet telling me that I won the 500 custom picks, and the iPod. Yeah! I chose to print the Muzicosphere artwork on my picks. Actually I chose to print a new logo that will be displayed later on the blog because I first have to do some adjustments to ease its integration.

I’ve finally received my 500 picks (a mixbag of medium and heavy gauge picks)


Thank you Grover Allman and team for being:

  • Reactive with mails to suggest the best way to integrate the artwork.
  • Flexible as they’ve accepted to do a mixbag of medium and heavy picks.

As for the iPod Nano, I didn’t have the time to try it yet… Actually I am charging the battery right now. So thank you again Grover Allman for this nice prize. And from now on, if I ever want to order some other custom picks, I know where I’ll head. The pricing seems quite reasonable, and you don’t need to order very large quantities.

Grover Allman is an Australian company. If you want to know more about the pricing, and see some samples, check or or (maybe they’ll have another giveaway who knows?)

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