Music 2.0 for a Bright Future?

Though I think that the copyright is totally legitimate, this cartoon made me laugh! Plus, the message is quite clear… The story is always the same but not with the same cast!


Seen on Music Of Sound. To see the original source it is  here.

This reminded me of a recent interview of Seth Godin, the guru marketer, about Music vs The Music Industry. Reading Godin sometimes require to decipher a little bit (at least I have to do this) but I really like his point of view… The very first sentence of the interview is already catchy: “The music industry is really focused on the ‘industry’ part and not so much on the ‘music’ part”. The whole interview draws some paths to explore for the future of music business mainly based on the permission marketing concept that made him popular. The vision he stands for “rejects” the control and emphasizes the permission and availability of the content which is rather the opposite position of the music industry. In a way, and even though he didn’t say that, he kinda sounds like pleading for all the independent musicians all around the world…

In a similar way, The Contrapuntist brought his own vision of the debate in the following article:  Copyright Dilemma, The Internet, and The Music Industry vs. The People. The point of view is slightly different and focuses a little bit more on the fact that even though the music industry and musicians have to change their vision, the fans have to do the same self-criticism process and change their “file sharing habits”. Enclosed in the article, you will find a very interesting conference by Gerd Leonhard (Compensation Not Control Music 2.0) who claims that the idea of Music 2.0 should be the future of music… To sum up the main idea, in the new ecosystem (hey it could be named Muzicosphere… Lil’ digression for entertaining purpose) where music is not perceived anymore as a product but as a service, the business has to forget about selling copies. Make the content available and monetize the access, so get compensation for the access! Easy to say, harder to do but everything is said… This should be the new paradigm. I am not sure that the Collective License is the only way to do so but it is pleasant to hear such a voice in the middle of the control freaks of the music industry. It is also good to reckon on the position of the creator and the fan at the center of  the process, instead of making them enemies.

The Contrapuntist noticed that the experiences of Radiohead or Nine Inch Nails were successful from this point of view… Anyway, I think this is interesting to think the future of music in this paradigm. You might argue that… ” Yeah but Radiohead is a huge f-band and what he can do is unreachable for most of musicians”. I will answer: Maybe… Not!!

The case of Corey Smith is pretty interesting. He applied a similar model of free distributed music and he earned more than 4 million dollars in a year with touring… And funnier, selling titles that were freely available!! Even funnier, the sales decreased when he stopped the free streaming of his music!!! Unique and non-reproductible case? Will he last in music? Maybe it was just a one year wonder? I’m not sure about this… Neither I can be sure that such a performance could be realized by someone else!! Anyway, this example is quite interesting and might open a nice window on a bright future for the music… At least for those who are not afraid to try something new!

I don’t know what you think about all this but you’re welcome to share… But I think it’s just about coffee time!!

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