Acoustic Motörhead Advertising for Kronenbourg!

For some non mysterious reason I’m not surprised at all to see Motörhead‘s leader Lemmy Kilmister, and his guitarist Phil Campbell in this ad in which they perform an awesome acoustic blues cover of their old hit Ace of Spades! This ad is great except maybe for the 1664 from Kronenbourg which is not my favorite beer at all!! That was a cheap shot… This one helps a lot when you’re at a concert!

I also forgot that Lemmy was a harmonica player! I wish I could hear an album of Motörhead covering their old hits in acoustic versions… That could be an awesome album! Unless they already did it, and I missed the news!


Strangely enough, or not after all, beer & blues seem to get well together in advertiser’s minds… Several weeks ago I found this old ad from Kronenbourg’s competitor Heineken made in 1992! Hilarious!


Who needs a beer… huh a blues… no, no! A beer! A blues… a bleer… a bues! Who needs? Nevermind! I give up!

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