Guitar Mods Disasters : The Not So 7-Strings Mod

Last month I’ve met Bill Nash from Nash Guitars while he was in Paris to present his most impressive relic guitars available in France. I’ve had a long, and very insightful chat with him about what led him to that specialty of relicing guitars.

One very funny advice he told me about all that guitar mods thingy was to “never hesitate to butcher a couple of guitars because we all have to start somewhere…”. At least that’s where he started before being one of the most impressive relicing gurus out there.

One thing I’m sure is that Bill never tried to sell his first butchered guitars… Not like this dude on ebay trying to get $850 for this butchered axe! I particularly love his presentation:

This is a guitar I derived from an old Ibanez RG body, which was intended for a friend whom I no longer associate with.

And you really wonder why?

The Q&A at the end is still a bit empty but I’m sure it will grow very fast… Love the answer to the question about the 7th string that is not on the neck. Here is an excerpt of the answer:

Frets aren’t exactly necessary


Yeah sure… But a fretboard still is necessary under the string as long as it is considered as a guitar!

Sometimes Ebay is such a hoot… It’s the Little Shop of Hilarious Horrors! [Edit: This post triggered a couple of tweets on twitter… Then I opened the Guitar Fail page… For now it is a Facebook page but it might be turned into a website, who knows?]

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