Misa Digital Guitar… You-sa Don’t Need Strings!

Misa presents the Misa Digital Guitar which is a MIDI controller with a huge touchpad instead of guitar strings. The touchpad allows the player to control sounds with the right hand, while the left hand plays notes on the 24 frets neck.

What I do like about this instrument is the totally minimalistic design while it still looks like a guitar. I find this kinda cool! The second thing that sounds great about the Misa guitar is that  the software is open source. That means that developpers will be allowed to modify it in order to improve the digital guitar sound, and why not create new functions.


Mee-sa not totally convinced by digital guitars yet, but you-sa might appreciate tis. So mee-sa bringing da news! You-sa enjoy!

Jar-Jarssipius (I’ve been jar-jargonized)

Spotted on engadget.com and check misadigital.com for more information.

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