My 2 First Days at the Musikmesse… An Overview!

Day 2 of the Frankfurt Musikmesse is now over. The wifi gods were not with me yesterday so I couldn’t upload any content nor do anything online! So I better give some quick impressions about the 2011 Musikmesse…

First thing is that most of the new gear was announced & launched at the NAMM in January so there is not much left for the Musikmesse. I think that brands should schedule their release to be under the spotlight for a longer period of time! But hey, they are still plenty of good stuff to see there! Also it seems like there are a lot less luthiers than last year which is a bit disappointing!

At Fender I’ve been really interested by the Pawn Shop Series especially the Special Mustang & the ’51. As I don’t usually like thinline guitars, the ’72 is not my kind of gear but the rotary blend (inspired by the pickups selection on basses) is an interesting feature. Fender also launched another killer gear: the Super Sonic 100! It’s a 100/25 Watts tube beast that has some interesting voicing possibilities. It can work as a Twin Reverb or a Bassman, and it has a fine tuning control to changer the overall tone character from U.S. type of sound to U.K. type of sound.

You might not know it but I am a fan of Godin Guitars, and I’ve been very interested by the MultiOud which the less guitarry news you’ll get from me! It is an awesome sounding instrument that I think will finally made the oud accessible to adventurous guitarists. They are also extending their lines of guitars exploring metal guitars shapes with the Godin Redline. With Godin Guitars and little sister company Richmond they are pretty much covering every guitarists needs! And they don’t do many copies actually.

That brings me to an interesting point that you can check everyday… A lot of builders seem to think that their brand image is not strong enough to fight with the heavy weights of the market! Yet they still keep on building Strats, Teles and LPs copycats!

That’s why I want to say hats off to companies like Kraken guitars because of their uniqueness! I’ve also been very interested in Vision in Guitars new series that not only try their own design but also are launching the Tony Denander series with the Evertune bridge, and compensated frets! This guitar should be called a 6-strings piano because it should have a perfect intonation!

On the acoustic guitars side, there are not much new things to see but some builders try to do their best to break the rules. The aluminium top Martin Guitar is very interesting from that point of view. So are the Peavey composite guitars especially the Cargo series which is a cute, and good sounding guitar!

Last I’ve had a long chat with an awesome dude: James T. Riboloff! The man has a long guitar history behind him as a former employee from the Gibson Custom Shop! Now with Samick, he is launching a new brand JTR Guitars with a nice philosophy: innovating but staying in the familiar shapes, and features! And believe it or not: it works!

One company that you don’t expect to be innovative though they have a long history of innovation: Gibson! Not so many new stuff but I finally got my hand on a Firebird X! It’s a good player, and it is not as ugly as it looks on pictures! Actually, I might surprise you but in front of you it almost looks nice! But the problem is that it looks so complex to use! It is definitely too much for one guitar!

It’s just a quick preview from the top of my head of what I thought of these first two days at the Musikmesse! The two next days are going to be awesome for sure… I still have a lot of people to see, a lot of networking to do, a lot of noise to take, and a lot of things to miss…

A few photos before uploading more once I’m back from the trade show…

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  1. Je ne comprends pas que Godin ne soit pas plus connu : ils font de superbes instruments, et qui sonnent !

    Ma lgx-sa c’est ma meilleure guitare !

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