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Personal branding, promotion and this kind of marketing stuff are trending topics lately (the saturation is very close), and Marshall Amps is about to launch a service that perfectly fits in this trend with the Design Store. I saw this at the Musikmesse, and it is announced for  a 2010 launching (no more information yet). What Marshall Amps will offer to its clients  is the possibility to customize their amplifiers with :

  • Custom colour for the tolex.
  • Custom graphic design for the grill cloth.

I guess that the offer will concern most of Marshall Amps (at least for the bigger ones), and I think that’s a neat idea. We all remember seeing a band that had a custom drums displaying the band’s logo on the bass drum or on the guitarist’s amplifier.  Obviously it is something that you can do yourself or hire someone to do it for you but it’s a good thing to be allowed to design it as soon as you order the amp.

I think it should be a good catch for those who don’t want to have the same amplifier as anybody else around. But it is also valuable for those who want to use their amps as another way to associate their band or music with a visual identity.

Marshall Design Store

While I was resizing the picture above I saw that it is 666 pixels height…  Who cares but now I’m scared!!

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  1. Hé ben ca c’est du custom hein ;o)

  2. Si par là tu entends que c’est un peu laid ce qu’ils ont exposé au Messe… Je crois que je suis d’accord! Non en fait j’en suis sûr… Mais les possibilités sont sympas! Après… C’est sûr qu’au niveau de la prod musicale ça n’apporte pas grand chose, c’est vrai! 🙂

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