Magnetic Guitar Picks by Magneta Picks

Guitarists are constantly experimenting with guitar picks in order to find the most comfortable one or the perfect material or thickness to achieve their tone. Most guitarists also lose their picks very often!

The main advantage of a magnetised pick? You can stick it to almost any metallic surface! No more losing your plectrum unless you lose the support where you stuck it. In that case there is nothing I can do for you!

Joseph Risolia, creator of the Magneta Picks, claims that they don’t affect the guitar tone… After testing the picks I’ve received this week, I do agree with that. However, I’m still wondering whether such a small magnet should interact with the pickups or not. Hard guess : it shouldn’t! But it requires some checking for me to be affirmative.

Magneta picks are thick because of the added magnet. Yet, they are comfortable to play with because the thick middle part  gives them a good grip. If you like light gauge guitar picks, I’m afraid these are not suitable for you.

A 10 picks pack is priced at $24.95 but it should be worthy considering you won’t lose them that easily, and they shouldn’t wear too fast. Last point that I find interesting… Magneta picks are made out of recycled materials which is always a good thing, right!!

If just like me, you like to try different picks just for the sake of it or in order to find your best fit, you should check Magneta Picks.

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  1. I found a pick that I like.It’s called the “star pick”.It has a star pattern punched out in the middle of the pick,which gives me a better grip on the pick.

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