Lucille is Black, Period!

For about 15 minutes I couldn’t believe my eyes… Did they really do that? Producing the famous BB King’s Lucille Gibson guitar in various colors! Only an ES-355 with a varitone can get the Lucille brand name on it! Lucille is black!

Ok… Let’s say in red it’s not that big deal but the other finishes all seem so toyish! Yeah including the white one! White is an awesome color for the classy White Falcon Gretsch… But not for Lucille! Lucille is black!

I hate to say it because I don’t wanna look like I am a traditionalist… But dammit, did they have some extra tins of paint at Gibson that didn’t know what to do with? There are some classics that no one should mess with… Lucille is black!

That my friends is like a sign of the end of the world! (source)

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