Loïc Le Pape Steel Guitars: The Website

Over the last few months, several Muzicosphere contributors submitted video demos of the awesome Loïc Le Pape electric guitars made of steel.  So it feels natural to share this news with you… Loïc Le Pape finally has a real website.

The website can be browsed in French and English, and it features all the guitars he made to date. Each guitar has its own section where you can find the following informations:

  • Detailed specs
  • Pictures
  • Audio Samples
  • Video Samples
  • Customer opinion and comments
  • Social tagging features

You will also find a biography of Loïc, and you will be able to get in touch with him in case you want to launch a guitar project with him.

Loic Le Pape Telecasteel Butterscotch Blonde (Telecaster)

The site is clean, easy to navigate, and displays all the information that you need. Yet, I would say that something is missing there: a blog section (or a forum at least). Loïc has a lot of things to say, and knowledge to share (he is very active on the guitariste.com forum), and I think that’s too bad he didn’t consider to highlight this on his own website. My two cents though I admit that it is time consuming for a craftsman.

The Loïc Le Pape website www.loiclepapesteelguitars.com was developped by French guitarist and demonstrator Judge Fredd.

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