Home Studio Law

Sometimes, working from home is a pain in the ass. Especially when part of your work involves recording guitars for review ! Yeah, I know… This is a cool job, and I’m not complaining!

It is so because though the volume of my amp is set loud*, well, background noises are disturbing, and can be recorded on the track! This would be so bad for a guitar review!

So here is a Murphyzic Law in the box (it’s been a long time since the last one)…

– Home Studio Law –

The Rec button of the recorder also turns the neighbor’s drill on

Corollary of the Home Studio Law –

The Stop button of the recorder will always turn the neighbor’s drill off in less than 2 minutes

– Infinite Corollarr of the Home Studio Law –

This game could go on the whole afternoon  !

* As I am a polite, and respectful boy (most of the time) I always record my reviews in the  afternoon when my direct neighbors are not at home !

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