Living Colour (D -5): Love Rears Its Ugly Head

Time’s Up, the second Living Colour‘s album, is consistent with the band’s identity in Vivid. Yet it is focused on a most complex and experimental music. There are many fine moments in this album such as Elvis is Dead or Solace of You. Social consciousness is still a major concern in many songs. Yet, to me the climax of the album is a love song. Maybe I should say a song about love, and how powerful and disturbing it is? Minimalistic funk, wah bravery and soulful voice…

Check this live performance for a Brazilian TV show. And check the priceless look that Corey Glover sends to Vernon Reid at 3’14”… As if he was telling him ”Dude, OK I love it when you improvise but not now!!”

Living Colour – Love Rears Its Ugly Head


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  1. vraiment une musique avec laquelle j’ai un peu de mal, je dois pas avoir “le feeling soul”…
    a π, soit 3,14: le regard qui tue…^^

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