Living Colour (D -6): The Cult of Personality

Sunday I’ll be at the Living Colour gig at the Trabendo in Paris. I love that band so much that I can’t resist to have a Living Colour week here on Muzicosphere. Everyday I’ll post about one song from each LC album, one song that explains why I am so fond of this band.

The Cult of Personality is the opening song for Living Colour’s debut album Vivid. In 1990 (maybe 1991) I was about 15 when I heard this album for the first time, and it was like a huge slap in my face. Everything in that song was just perfect from the opening riff to the outstanding vocals via the heavy beat and the free speech solo. The topic of the song is catchy too: Living Colour has opinions, a sharp social and politics consciousness, and the band is here to say it loud. Quoting Stalin and Kennedy, Mussolini and Gandhi in the same song, and yet avoiding manichaeism was a challenge, and they cleverly managed it.

Back in the late 80s, I was an 80s kiddo trapped somewhere between Blues music, 50s Rock ‘n’ Roll (dad’s influence) and the nascent Hip Hop music (my rebellion against dad’s influence). Living Colour was one of the first modern rock band that broaden my perspective of Rock music. Check this high energy live performance…

Living Colour – The Cult of Personality


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