Links For The Weekend: Epiphone, Line 6, Propellerheads, Bill Wyman vs Beatles Rock Band.

A few links and readings for the week-end…

2010: The Epiphone year?

It should be the case as they’ve announced the release of 14 new models. My eyes got wide open for the Worn 1966 Wilshire and the Inspired by Revolution. Personal Note: Start saving… Start saving… via

inspired-by-revolution-epiphone worn-1966-wilshire


Line 6 is giving away free stuff.

Until the end of the month, Line 6 products user will have the opportunity to get the plug-in Pod Farm for free. Line 6 users, it’s about time to get you this collection of modelised amps, preamps, cabinets and effects.

Record: Is it Reasonable?

Propellerheads launched their recording software named Record, and thus they finally fill the main void left on the Reason software (my two cents). Record is focused on musicians needs rather than sound tech needs, and will work both as stand alone app or using the rewire function with Reason. The official video presentation is quite attractive…



There will be no Rock-Stars anymore…

billwymanThe former Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman seems to think so! At least, ahead of the Beatles Rock Band release, Bill Wyman told the BBC that the Rock Band video game ”encourages kids not to learn, that’s the trouble.” He is not the first, and he won’t be the last to say so… No big news. But the response published on the Guardian website, Why Bill Wyman is wrong about guitar games, is a lot of fun to read. Poor Bill, he must have hurt the feelings of some remote addict dude. Seriously? The man deserves to be treated as a fossil just because he thinks that the game encourages laziness? He’s not even blaming the kids… duh!

I’ll never be a Rock-Star…

That, I know it for a long time now, as I never tried to make a living out of music! But here is the point of view of Anthony Stauffer who attempted the venture for 10 years. Now, music is a hobby and he seems fine with it. Music As a Hobby via Guitar

… But I am a Shredder!

At least, on the computer keyboard!! Jon from Guitar Noize, after he estalished a Top 40 guitar blogs, comes back now with a Top guitarists on twitter chart. I am 29th… Hi! My name is Sarssipius… I’m a twitter addict! That’s catastrophic… or not!!

By the way:


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