Let’s Swing In Concert: The Guitarists’ Brains Interactions

It’s been a long since I didn’t have some scientiZic news to comment… Fortunately, I spotted an awesome one…

You probably have noticed how musicians in a band seem to be connected when the are playing together… It’s like a magical or a spiritual connection (or could it be a wifi!!) being set up between them and with the music… That’s the beauty of music!! They just look like they are on the same wavelength… And as a matter or fact, they really are on the same wavelength, as it has been shown by scientists from the Berlin’s Max Planck Institute and the University of Salzburg.

To reach that conclusion, they recorded the brains electrical activity of 16 guitarists divided into 8 duos while they were playing a short jazzy melody up to 60 times. The results showed a significant increase of the brainwave similarities between the musicians brains not only as they played but also before they played ie as they got ready to play listening to the metronome groove.

Previous surveys showed a synchronization of individuals brain activity and music… But, this survey is the first one to show a synchronization between brains of several individuals. According to the authors of the article, an important question remains. They still don’t know whether the synchronization is linked to the mechanism of interpersonal action coordination, or whether it just reflects similarities in the percepts and movements of both individuals. No need to say that if the first answer is the right one, this would be a huge step in understanding people’s brains interactions… Would be nice that guitarists help to achieve that!!

Well, for their next survey I might volunteer but only after 2 pm otherwise my sleepy brain might screw up the measures… Flat EEG!! Biiiiiiiiiiiip…

Alternate End to this article:
For their next survey, I would like them to explore the brains of heavy metal guitarists… It would be nice to finally understand what is the grey matter down there!!

Spotted on BMC Neuroscience via Thumbrella

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