Let My Thoughts Wander…

Well, this is going to sound a bit cheesy, but as it is so totally true, I’m just going to write this article…
Whenever I feel blue, I have this song to raise my doubts in the air and smash’em away from me…

Tinariwen – Amassakoul ‘n Ténéré

As I have some notions of the language, I got a few words from the song but never enough to even barely understand its meaning… There was no reason at all for that song to be so meaningful to me!! And yet,  a few days ago I had my eyes on the translation of the song… What amazes me, is that I totally found something in the song that always had some meaning to me… And the translation tells me that it is going further because this just a perfect metaphore of my life (at least the few last years), of what I think of all this masquerade of life…  Well, a lot of things  and positions that you don’t care my fellow MuZicoSpheronaut…

Traveler in the Desert

I am a traveler in the lone desert
It’s nothing special
I can stand the wind
I can stand the thirst
And the sun
I know how to go and walk
Until the setting of the sun
In the desert, flat and empty,
where nothing is given
My head is alert, awake
I have climbed up and climbed down
The mountains where I was born
I know in which caves the water is hidden
These worries are my friends
I’m always on familiar
terms with them and that
Gives birth to the stories of my life
You who are organized
assembled, walking together
Hand in hand, you’re living
A path which is empty of meaning
In truth, you’re all alone.

Just follow the link if you want to hear and read further about Tinariwen

Anyway Sarssi dude… Go away… Go on your mountain… Yeah, just at your place… A dot among the dots…


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