Less Guitars is More Guitar Playing !

There is a close relationship between gear acquisition and the urge to play music. But is is strange and blurry. To say the least, this is not the most logic relationship as I always thought.

The urge to play music causes gear acquisition. Then gear acquisition causes more urge to play music. WRONG !!

Actually, the urge to play music causes a first gear acquisition burst… That’s if you want to be something else than an Air Guitar monkey ! The following gear acquisition bursts though don’t always cause an urge to play music ! Nope ! Sometimes, it’s even the opposite effect. You can lose that desire… You step aside…

I had this experience. I often wanted to get my hand on guitars, effect pedals or amps. Strangely enough, the periods when I owned the most gear were the periods when I had the less urge to grab a guitar, and play ! Au contraire, when I have less gear available, I feel the strongest need to play guitar.

I’m at this place right now… The crisis is firmly established, business is a little slow and I had to sell most of my gear !! Not enough advertisers for the ecosystem of websites that I’m editing (here as well as  Muzicosphere French version, GAS a GoGo & Guitar Fail). I proposed several awesome projects (and believe me I am modest when I say awesome) to several actors of the guitar industry but none of these projects were turned into reality (Yeah, I know… We’re in the middle of a crisis, blah blah!). Anyway that’s the downside of being a freelance worker or an entrepreneur… Call it as you will !!

But let’s go back to the guitar talk… So, I was saying that I had to sell most of my gear. Guitar wise, I have only one guitar left… Well, actually I still have my lapsteel and my bass but I’m talking about guitar, right? That last guitar is my cheap, and fairly old Ibanez AX-125 that is showing signs of weakness. Yet, I play guitar more often than just a few months ago when I had a few more instruments available for me to play.

Even better, I decided that I need to have guitar lessons with an awesome guitar player, Brice Delage. It’s a bit of a challenge I guess… It sounds like I was thinking : “This miserable axe will take me further up on the guitar path than all my cool former guitars”.

One guitar to use for everything I want to play. Tell me about about a constraint ! But there is something virtuous in constraints. When you don’t have a choice, you play the cards you have !  And it sort of works a little. A few weeks back, a friend lend me his Boss RC-20 looper. The purpose was to use the looper for the guitar reviews I make for guitariste.com. Right now, I still didn’t have the opportunity to use it for reviews… But the looper itself had an impact on my creative side ! One single looper had actually more impact on my creativity than all my former guitars together.

I can see you laughing, and teasing : “Hahaaaa… you needed one more piece of gear !!! Your demonstration/digression has failed !”

Nay, not even close. That’s where I was heading from the beginning !! Now that I only have one guitar left… Well, I feel like I have an itch for more gear !! Crap!!

This is a fucking vicious circle ! Are we condemned to this endless quest ? Why do we always need that famous “just one more” guitar ? 

Well, that being said… I know that I’m not set to acquire a new guitar any time soon ! This is annoying but this is cool in a way.

I’m set to have the urge to play music with no extra guitar to distract me from that goal… I can’t think of a best medicine than (the urge to) play music in tricky times !

As I am in a creative mood based on the loops exploration and the guitar lessons with Brice… Let’s keep it that way. Who knows, I have plenty of ideas turning in my head… I even might start music project instead of “waiting” for a band ??

Anyway… What are your thoughts about this ? Am I the only one who has this weird relationship to gear acquisition ? Tell me that less guitars has to mean more guitar playing ? Or maybe am I just wrong ??

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