Photos of the Muzicosphere Giveaway – Line 6 Pod HD500

A little update on the running Giveaway Line 6 Pod HD500… The Facebook interface never works as it is supposed to be so the pictures should have been displayed  in the “photos by others” set on the Muzicosphere page! But it’s not, and no one still figured out why it doesn’t work on some pages as often with the suckiness of FB on solving issues!

So to facilitate the display of photos on the blog I will transfer the uploaded pictures on Muzicosphere’s Flickr featuring just the first name and first letter of the surname of the entrants. And I’ll copy/paste the description you’ve made too. The gallery is in display below! Enjoy!

Update too on the following point: obviously if you want to send more than one photo that’s ok but I will only take one into account for the contest. Let’s say that will be the one you’ll choose or the best one according to me!

Entries to the Muzicosphere Line 6 Pod HD500 Giveaway on Flickr (you can also check those pictures as they are uploaded on Muzicosphere’s Facebook page wall)

About Sem

I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.


  1. I am wondering if posting photo on flickr on facebook is the only valid way to enter the competition? I’m asking because I sent you my photo this month and I can’t find it neither on your facebook wall, nor in the flickr gallery 🙁

  2. @Rafal: Don’t worry Rafal… I’ve received your picture on my email. I’ve been quite busy, and didn’t have the time to upload the email entries on FB! I will do it asap! 😉

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