Niglo Guitar Picks: The N4 Now Available in Silver

A while ago I wrote about the ergonomic bronze guitar picks: The Niglo. Since then, Daniel Patin pushed the experiment further, and he has released a new guitar pick  with a different shape, and material.

The N4 guitar pick is more pointed than the N2 (solo) & N3 (rhythm) picks. I like the N4 because as it is pointed it gives more precision to strum the guitar strings.  As for the ergonomy of the N4, I like it even better. I feel more comfortable with it.

The N4 pick is also now available in 2 materials: bronze of course, and silver… I guess the silver version doesn’t bring much tone differences. But it is very nice, and consistent with the fact that the Niglo picks were also thought as jewelry. I don’t wear jewelry but I guess it could be cool to have a silver pick hanging on your neck… I mean your actual neck, not the guitar neck!

Here is a demo of the Niglo N4 bronze pick shot by Yvan, founder/guitarist of the band PYG


For more information about the Niglo picks go to the Niglo Picks website (English version). The Niglo Picks are distributed in the USA, and Canada by I’m checking for more accurate information about the US / Canada distributor.

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