Lâg Guitars to Conquer the United States?

Does a guitar brand have to conquer the U.S.A. market in order to be definitely recognized? It seems to be the new marketing strategy adopted by the French brand, Lâg Guitars.

I think they deserve a standing ovation for attempting to establish Lâg guitars in the U.S. guitar market because despite the fact that it is much bigger than the French market, I think that it already is close to saturation! One thing I don’t quite get though is the fact that this new strategy seems to be a departure from the French market. Or at least, Lâg Guitars seem to be less preoccupied by France.

Here are a couple of facts that show the U.S. focus from Lâg:

  • Last January they’ve launched a Lâg Guitars U.S.A. Facebook page. Well it is not the best page for a case study as the updates are quite loose. Maybe this is  because this page was created by the US distributor of Lâg Guitars. Yet it looks like an official Lâg page to me.
  • No official Facebook page for Lâg France (there should be one, no?) but a Lâg France Myspace. That is weird as the French made the same move as others around the web i.e. they moved to Facebook!
  • Huge giveaway restricted to US residents with 21 Lâg guitars to win (that’s on the Facebook page, and you should enter if you’re in the U.S.). Meanwhile, many brands addressing the international market hold international giveaways.
  • Lâg’s communication seems to be focused on the U.S. seduction as a selling point (Check the picture of the ad I’ve spotted last summer in a French guitar magazine).

Do we have to understand that the French market is already owned by Lâg so that they don’t need to gather a dynamic community around Lâg guitars? Au contraire does it mean that Lâg reached a limit in their capacity to attract new users in France? Then setting out to capture the U.S.A. attention will be an asset for the future of the brand (beside the economic benefits if they achieve to establish in the U.S. market of course!)?

I think one of their priorities should be to redesign the French website of Lâg that is totally outdated compared to the international Lâg websites (Lâg US, UK, Germany, Australia) that are a little bit better… They need to work on their corporate image. Lâg guitars are excellent as a matter of fact! And a couple of years ago I had lessons with a teacher who happened to be a Lâg endorsee, and the prototypes he owned suggest that Lâg still have a lot to bring to the guitar world.

A website in accordance with the quality of their guitars should be a priority! Then,  I think they shouldn’t leave the Lâg guitars French fans/users behind. They are the best ambassadors of the brand beside Lâg endorsees like Keziah Jones or Phil Campbell (Motorhead). French fans are also on U.S. forums, on Faceook, on Youtube, etc… So why not having a strong media presence where it is possible to be!

All of this makes me think that Lâg should not rely only on their French distributor (La Boîte Noire du Musicien) for all their communication/media strategy in order to get things right, and done. I mean that as good as they are as a distributor (and that’s a euphemism) do they have the expertise, and the will to strengthen the image of the brand? And I think that’s a question that is valid for all the distributors because nowadays the game for the future of a brand doesn’t rely only on the presence in the shops! Don’t get me wrong though… Obviously, they need to be available in stores, right? Otherwise all of this is pointless!

The following picture is an ad for Lâg Guitars. The tag line says “5 reasons to explain why Lâg seduces America” and then gives these five reasons.

Addendum: Lucky I published this post this week because a couple of days later it would have been obsolete! Lâg updated its French site which is now much better though everything is not set yet!

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