The Jimi Hendrix Epiphone: From £15 to £150k

Some instruments have a value that you can’t estimate… At least if they were touched by Jimi Hendrix! Before it landed at Jimi’s place, this was just a simple £15 Epiphone acoustic guitar. On December the 15th it will be on sale in London, and it is expected to fetch 150000£. (via)

That my friends is what they call a hell of a profit! But wait, according to Voodoo Child”s ex Kathy Entchingham Jimi Hendrix “loved that guitar – he played it constantly.” Yeah! Probably!

This got me thinking about the fact that there are two sides of musicians story! The public side… That one is made of concerts, TV shows, public appearances with the guitar on the shoulder. And there is the private side… That one is made of sprawling on the couch, and strumming the strings, and sometimes coming up with the next hit song! That private side is also that one made of studio sessions where the guitarist grabs the first guitar he finds there to play the riff!!

I know that this kind of things are not of interest to the majority of the public… But I sometimes think that music, though it bares its own story within itself… I think music lacks that kind of little stories about the instruments that sometimes were the source of inspiration for a song! Or maybe not!

Yes… Sometimes these guitars were just used to strum a couple of chords while watching a crappy TV show right before bed time! Yet I think that’s an idea worth checking!

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