The Watts Up Show : A New Youtube Guitar Show

A few days ago, I’ve stumbled upon this, and today I received an email from Richard who is the editor of the Amped section of the website Sonic State. In his mail he was telling me about the youtube guitar show that he runs : The Watts Up Show.

So, this is the occasion to tell you that I like the Watts Up Show! The Watts Up Show is about pretty much everything guitar : news, gear, production tips, guitar lessons. Richard Beech and Rob Hicks are the presenters of the show. They are a quite dynamic duo, and they have a nice sense of humor that I like. The format of the show is also good. Fifteen minutes is a perfect duration for such a show… I guess they can still improve the editing of the show to make it more dynamic but as this is just the second episode I’m pretty sure they will improve it.

Anyway, as it is I am already a fan… A guitar show… You bet I love that!

So if you are a guitar fan, you have to follow The Watts Up Show… I dig the name of the show by the way!

Here is the second episode of the Watts Up Show below… Enjoy.


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