The Takslyd Slide by Planet Waves: Slide it & Stick it!

Some problems will only affect a few people let say guitarists for example… Guitarists who occasionnally play with a bottleneck, or alternate slide guitar tunes, and regular tunes during their gigs! That’s when this annoying fact occurs… Where do I put this damn bottleneck? In my jeans pocket? I can do this but then once I want it back on the finger, it’s a whole lot of wriggle and writhe to get it out! On the amp that is spitting the watts? Why not but it might fall from there, and a glass bottleneck falling to the ground will break!

Well the Takslyd Slide is the solution brought by Planet Waves, and it is fairly simple, very simple, too simple to be totally new! Yet I don’t remember seeing it before (but I might be wrong)! The Takslyd Slide is a glass bottleneck with a custom flat surface on one side engineered with an adhesive. That’s it… Put an adhesive, and stick your bottleneck to any surface you like as the back of a guitar headstock (see the picture), an amplifier, a mic stand, etc… Seriously! Ain’t that a simple yet brilliant idea??

Takslyd bottlenecks are handmade to achieve their particular shape, and they cost $14.99 each.

Spotted on Premier Guitar.

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