The 2012 NAMM Show Scoop It : Get the Coolest News from the NAMM

The NAMM Show 2012 is starting very soon now, and as usual there will be a lot of news, and demos to follow… Press releases are already saturating my inbox for several weeks now.

As last year, I won’t be at the NAMM show (one day I’ll be there… oh yes… one day I’ll be there), and as last year I’m not going to properly blog about all the news from the NAMM.

But as I’m already seeing a lot of cool things announced, I think it would be a shame to not share these with you. So, as last year I’m launching the NAMM Show 2012 Scoop It to share a maximum of new guitars, amps & effects news… And probably a little bit about bass too. At least I’ll share what will raise my interest.

And I promise, this year I’ll try to stick to it to provide you a maximum of news…

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