G. Love’s Rig Rundown

I am a long time fan of G. Love, since G. Love And The Special Sauce album in 1994 actually. Strangely enough, I’ve never tried to know more about the gear that he has along with his electric guitars. To tell you the truth I even always thought that there wouldn’t be much to see there because G. Love’s tone is kinda rootsy..

So when I saw this Premier Guitar rundown popping out, I was intrigued! The least I could say is that he has some very interesting pedals on his pedalboard along with 4 amps. The rig is modern, and vintage at the same time as you’ll see it in the video below… You’ll also see an Italian vintage guitar from the brand Crucianelli with a perloid back or should I say mother of toilet seat back. Didn’t know that term before, I laughed!

Here is some of the gear showed in the video…

  • Pedalboard : Electro-Harmonix Wiggler, Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron, RC Booster, Keeley Compressor, Boss Digital Delay, Boss Flanger, Dunlop Cry Baby.
  • Amps : Ampeg J-20 Jet & Fender Twin Reverb.
  • Guitars : Gretsch G.Love Signature Corvette, Gretsch Black Penguin, Gretsch Black Falcon, Gretsch 60th Anniversary, Crucianelli & guitares acoustiques Gibson J-45, J-185 6 & 12 strings.

If you want to know more about G. Love, go check Philadelphonic.com… And you can watch the rig rundown, just below (it also features G. Love’s harmonica rig).


The picture above is from delmarscene.com

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