Winter NAMM 2011 Pearltree

One day I sure will attend the NAMM! But once again this won’t be this year! So I want to start a little experiment for the upcoming Winter NAMM 2011. Instead of desperately trying to publish a maximum of posts, I decided to edit a NAMM 2011 pearltree that you can see on pearltrees or embedded below. [Edit: I’ve also set a NAMM 2011 Pearltree page on the blog accessible via the top horizontal menu]

I think that’s a funny way to :

  • Browse through the news.
  • Create an interesting resource.

The news in the pearltree are chained according to the source (official website, magazine, blog). For example, if I see a news on a blog first I consider it as the source which the first pearl in the chain. Then I can link other news from this source, and to another pearl i.e. another source of information.

So I will only publish NAMM posts about the topics that interest me the most or the news that make me want to comment further!

If some of you want to contribute to this pearltree, you can! All you have to do is leave me a comment, and I’ll open the NAMM 2011 pearltree to your contributions.

That’s pretty easy to browse through the pearltree… Let your mouse hover over the pearls, and you will see a preview window opening. That preview window will allow you to go to the source.

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