The Day I Butchered a Squier ’51 !

Back in 2006 I’ve bought myself a second hand Squier ’51 mostly because of the noise going around about this low cost but still original guitar. The idea I had in mind was to mod it mainly at the aestheatic level. It was a disaster… Not my biggest guitar butchering ever but close enough to be called a massacre. It was a real Guitar Fail material.

I wish that back then there was a website such as this Squier 51 Modders Forum to give me some inspiration. Some of the mods displayed in this Squier ’51 pictorial thread are just amazing just like the one pictured here!

As for my Squier ’51 abomination, it ended up in a pawnshop along with my Zoom multi-fx (quite a good unit actually) in a barter deal for a Fernandes Native guitar that was hanging on the wall for almost a year. Quite a cool guitar that I’ve never tried to mod nor to set-up! I guess I was afraid of a new massacre!

I should have tried to improve the settings or even mod it heavily because actually there is no magic in modding a guitar or an effect… Just a lot of trials, and errors!

Have you ever butchered a guitar so much that just thinking about it makes you really sad? Do you think twice before launching a mod project?

En 2006 je m’étais acheté une Squier ’51 d’occasion principalement à cause du bruit autour de cette guitare low cost et pourtant si originale. L’idée que j’avais en tête était d’y apporter des modifications principalement d’ordre esthétiques. Ca a été un véritable désastre… Pas ma plus grosse boucherie guitaristique mais suffisamment pour être qualifié de massacre. Elle aurait fait une entrée intéressante pour Guitar Fail.

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