The Crippled Lap Steel Player… Blue Noize Contest

I like the contests that Jon from Guitar Noize used to organize, and this one is pretty awesome as you may hear if you listen to some entries: A slow blues, and let the good times roll. Well, I should say let it slide when it comes to my entry as I absolutely wanted to be the purple cow of this contest… So here is a lapsteel entry! And believe you me, I still have some hard times to jam over a slow blues track especially to play behind the beat to make it groovier.

The challenge was even bigger as during holidays I felt from my bike, and as a consequence my right hand was slighty injured (at the thumb/hand junction). Nothing too serious but enough to be limited in some movements. I’ve been resting my hand for a couple of weeks now, and it is getting better but I still can’t play too much because the thumb tends to be all numb after a long playing session. Good thing is… I am now over relaxed when I play guitar, and I do a lot of stretching before, and after playing.

For this track I plugged the lapsteel into the Vox Tonelab SE, and I selected a very electric, and vocal wha wha to modulate the notes in order to compensate the effects I couldn’t with my right hand. As for the tuning, I chose a quite low open C tuning (CGCFGC) which would have been great if my strings gauge was not so girlie. But hey… As it is now, it’s still OK! Personal note: Next round of strings shoping… Don’t forget the extra heavy gauge!

Now I have to find how to reach the jury to bribe ’em… I need to get me a PRS axe!!



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