World’s Fastest Guitar Player Plays Flight of the Bumble Bee at 600 BPM

That’s obviously a fake (I certainly hope it is) but I can’t stop laughing !! Imagine that someone could play that fast. How sad would it be for him to not be able to find fellow musicians to jam with except a fucking good metronome maybe!

Edit : So this is not a fake apparently. Thank you KG for the link in the comments below. I guess that John “Dr Hot Licks” Taylor is an alien !!



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  1. I think it’s real. Seriously. That’s the idea of having the clock in the frame.

  2. It would be quite easy to fool anyone with a clock and video editing (requires good editing skills though). I would say it’s fake because of the following:

    – His head movements are quite weird to me.
    – Previous record was flight of the bumble bee at 320 bpm… 600 bpm would be quite a jump.
    – 600 bpm is it even humanly possible?
    – The pitch of the guitar seems unnatural though I admit at 600 bpm a guitar would probably sound like this 🙂
    – Some moments in the video looks like a chroma key compositing.

  3. I guess that’s not a fake : (can this site be trusted ?)
    But I also find strange the gap between 320 & 600 BPM.

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