Robben Ford’s Guitar Dojo

Jazzy stylishness… Rock energy… Authentically anchored in Blues… This is Robben Ford. So when Robben Ford announces the launch of his new guitar instructional website called Robben Ford’s Guitar Dojo, I can only think of it as a good news.

Though he is not as famous as he should be among the guitar community, we are talking about a guitar master here. So the lessons come with a price which is not that expensive anyway : from $4,99 to $5,99 the video. The guitarist / singer already produced instructional DVDs in the past, and from what I’ve seen on the website everything seem to be set for the best.

Too bad there is no subscription formula but the website is still young as it was launche on July, 12th so maybe this will be featured one day or another. One thing for sure… A guitar lesson with Robben Ford should be an experience that goes way beyond just the guitar! Actually the website content itself isn’t restricted  to lessons, and it will provide a lot more content related to Robben Ford’s music journey… Just watch the video at the end of the post.

To know more : Robben Ford’s Guitar Dojo.

The video presentation by Robben Ford makes me want to follow all this…


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