The Bumble Bee & the Orange : The Story of the High-Speed Amp

Always faster… But why? To beat the previous world record of  notes flow of course! Tiago Della Vegaisn’t that the name of Zorro? – smashed his own world record on Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumble Bee by increasing the speed 20 BPM’s higher. He reached 340 BPM!

“Fantastic!! At 340 BPM, only bats should hear the flight of the bumble bee!!” *

Wait… That’s not me speaking! That should be the next Orange Amps tag line as Don Diego… What? Sorry… as Tiago Della Vega used the OPC amp from Orange! I guess that such a tag line would be complete with the following addition: “OPC… The first high-speed amp!

That should work either on the guitar or the computer markets… Effective tag line, isn’t it?

Here is the video if you are keen to know the sound of a guitarist when he breaks the sound barrier! The performance was recorded at the Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronic Show)! I don’t know for you but I was looking around searching for the bumble bee flying around me to smash it down!


* And we’re only talking flight here! Wait for Tiago to break the 400 BPM, and you will hear about the bumble bee’s copulation!

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