Picture of the Week: Touch Me… Touch Me…

If you are an early reader of Muzicosphere, you might remember the overview articles I’ve made about the instruments designed for 2 hands tapping all derived from the famous Chapman Stick. If you don’t, I let you check them out: Is it a Piano, a Guitar or a Bass? No… It’s a Tap Guitar Part I & Instruments Designed for 2 Hands Tapping Part II.

I didn’t change my mind a bit, I still dig these instruments, and all I dream about is to have enough money to get a grip on one of these babies… When that day will come  I sure hope there will be as much choice as at this Touch Guitarists meeting that apparently happened in 2008 in Belgium.

I almost can hear these babies whispering all together: Me, Me… Touch me… Touch me!! You bet I wanna touch you all!! (I’m still talking about the guitars here, okay?)

Touch Style Guitars

Via Touch Guitars Facebook page.


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