Picture of the Week: Recycling Lesson featuring the Moosecaster

I usually publish the picture of the week on Friday but as last Friday I didn’t so here is an interesting one… Though I’m sure than now most of you will think that I definitely have something with shovels but hey!! I love rakes too… Rakes are pure awesomeness!

Anyway, here is a picture (2 actually) that made me smile this morning while I was checking my RSS reader. This is from an article on CNN Edition about The eccentric world of home-made guitars. These weird guitars are made by Lorne Collie, a 73 years old canadian dude who seem to transform any piece of junk into guitars. So on this picture you will recognize a shovel, moose antler, a rake, and what seems to be a Gibson (it might as well be an Epiphone or an Ibanez) but I couldn’t identify whose arm it is!! Right below the second picture you’ll find a link to an article about Lorne Collie.

Lorne Collie Eccentric Guitars

Ladies, and Gentlemen… Let me introduce you the Moosecaster

Lorne Collie's Moose Antler Guitar

About Lorne Collie: Would-be junk makes beautiful music. Pictures by David Lipnowski.

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