Picture of the Week: The Instruments Tree

This picture was taken at the Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park (London) in the VIP area… I am fond of Hyde Park, and when I see this I only want to go back there to spend some quality time in London!!

That decoration is totally consistent with the flashy decorations you use to see in the Hard Rock Cafés around the world. This tree is made of guitars, basses, cymbals, and 2 Marshall amps. I think it is made of the best materials for the best lutherie works.  I have a couple of guitar nuts at home, and I wonder if plant them would I get the exact same tree??

Instruments Tree @ Hard Rock Calling VIP area

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  1. Ah !!!!!!!!! horreur !!!!!!!! Cette photo me fait encore dresser les cordes !

  2. Nice find! It doesn’t even need Christmas lights– it’s already perfect!!

  3. @Gertrude: Ma pauvre je vais dorénavant veiller aux photos que je publierai ici!!

    @Stratoblogster: I totally agree JP… This is the most perfect tree ever!! 🙂

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