Picture of the Week: The Vinyl Resonator Guitar

Holidays are over, and it’s about time to re-plug on the Muzicosphere while my other blog, G.A.S. a GoGo is active again for 2 days now. And to slowly, and smoothly go back on the track here is the picture of the (comeback) week that could also be featured in  the Strange Instruments section of the blog.

This guitar was built by luthier Jim Worland who mostly makes harp guitars, and rather traditional acoustic guitars… But every once in a while he builds some weird instruments! That’s the case with this unusual resonator guitar, The Shindig LP Guitar which resonator was made from a (not so?) good old vinyl LP. Jim Worland thought that this vinyl album “would have a better life as a guitar than as an album”. So he recycled the LP to make it as a resonator instead of a traditional aluminum resonator, and he used the label, and jacket to decorate the headstock, and the body of the guitar.

The result is quite suprising as the tone is quite close to the tone of an actual resonator guitar though a bit different… I tend to think that it sounds somewhere between a resonator guitar, and a cigar box guitar i.e. something that could be great for slide.


One the Worland Guitars website, Jim Worland explains further how he built the Shindig Guitar.

Well, as it is a comeback online day after two weeks off, here is a second Worland instrument… This time this is a lap steel from an upcoming series of instrument that he calls Live Edge Series. These are more “intended to be as wall art or functional scupltures” but they could be played as the actual, and functional instruments that they are according to Jim Worland. I guess that it is true as long as you can find a comfortable way to play it…

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