The Anti Justin Bieber Fans Effect: Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe

The new boost/overdrive pedal of half-shredder, half-clown guitar virtuoso aka Paul Gilbert is made by Majik Box USA, and it has the name of Gilbert’s latest album Fuzz Universe. As production will officially begin on October 1st the pedal is not available yet (but pre-order are already open) but you can here some samples of the Fuzz Universe by Paul Gilbert himself on Majik Box website.

Actually, in the first place my attention was not caught by the pedal itself but the “advertisement” displayed on Majik Box USA website… Apparently this is a Paul Gilbert’s quote that I found truly funny…

Jesus Christ! If you plug your guitar into this pedal, every Justin Bieber Fan within a 10-mile radius will catch on fire!

Okay, this is not really an ad as it doesn’t seem to be part of a advertisement campaign, and it is just used as a landing page of Majik Box site. However it would be funny to see it displayed in every guitar magazines centerfold.  Not that I have something against Justin Bieber nor his numerous groupies ’cause I don’t. Well despite the fact that from time to time  Bieber news explode in my RSS feed or on my twitter timeline. Actually what I do like is the idea of finally having some biting ads for  guitar gear. Let’s be honest, if you don’t consider the ads for your local supermarket (and believe you me, I think in France it is the worst possible) well, I think there is nothing worst than musical gear ads!

I think that’s a side of advertising that I like as it goes against some politically correct side of the music business (music is not a competition, you never say that music is crappy,… you know what I’m talking about), and it just reflects a widely shared feeling about Kid Bieber’s success, and the Biebermania that comes with it. Yet it is far from being politically incorrect, and that quote is a metaphor of the secret dreams of many guitarists out there.  I don’t understand why brands, and manufacturers  don’t use that kind of humorous, and sarcastic spirit more often? (though I admit that it would be a mistake to only use that kind of arguments in their communication). Maybe they are afraid to cut themselves from the mainstream, and that would be weird as the guitar business is more of a niche centered business targeting some of the most sarcastic people out there.

Well to say the least, I really laughed at this punchline quote, and I am already thinking on how it could be  extended to some other targets (and there are a lot of potential targets when you see the charts and heavy rotations on radios), and other medias (like video).

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  1. The addition of “taking the Lord’s name in vain” – Paul’s opening salvo “Jesus Christ!” just adds weight to your well-thought-out theory, Mr. Sarssipius. It’s doubly humorous in that it’s from Paul, who maintains a very happy, and very rated-G, don’t-make-waves sort of reputation. This ad broadsides some of those dearly-held notions that we, as fans of Paul, hold. It’s cool and it’s provocative at the same time. Oh yeah and there’s a cool distortion pedal in there!

    Keep up the good work publishing your blog. I love it.


    – who has never heard Justin Bieber.

  2. Yeah I really dig this tongue-in-cheek kinda humor 🙂

    – who had to hear Justin Bieber to judge by himself what that fuzz fuss was all about, and then has burst into flames!!

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