The Flying V in House M.D. : The Debate !!

As many people I became a fan of House M.D. when I saw the first episode of the series, and when I saw the first featured guitar I was even more hooked. Recently, I’ve found the picture below in a forum thread, and I immediately posted it on Guitar Fail

But here is the debate (if I may call it a debate)… The setting of this vibrato is a bit weird, right? This doesn’t look like a vibrola but it rather looks like a Fender-ish vibrato behind a stop bar !! In the video below, you will clearly see that this is a stop bar…

So here are the questions :

  • Ain’t that a weird vibrato setting?
  • Have you ever seen such thing before?
  • Does it work?
  • Must be tricky to change the strings, right?
  • Is that a fake designed for this episode? If I remember well, the Flying V is damaged by a colleague of House in this episode !

Here is a short video where you can see a close-up on the guitar…


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