Line 6 Blogference at the Musikmesse 2011

I’ve said it before leaving for the Musikmesse : Line 6 had an interesting initiative which was to invite about a dozen persons (bloggers, webmasters, and Line 6 forum members) to spend an afternoon on Line 6 booth. I was invited, and I really enjoyed this experience…

We had a tour of the new gear coming up from Line 6, and a very interesting insight into the brand’s goal : Being able to fully equip the guitar players with Line 6 gear from the guitar to the amp for an extreme versatility! And this is almost possible because as soon as the Tyler Variax will be hitting the market probably next summer then it will be possible to have a full Line 6 rig : Tyler Variax – Pod HD or M Series – DT50 amp! That means thousands of tone possibilities available…

One thing that was inimaginable a few years back : this rig combines the Line 6 digital technology with analog technology brought by James Tyler, and Reinhold Bogner in a well balanced way. It is the best of both worlds…

Even more interesting, the guitar player / singer is now also able to choose the wireless XD-V70 microphone from Line 6: wireless technology, and modelling several famous microphones (such as the SM58).

My impression after this tour is that Line 6 is only at the beginning of the exploration of the modelling possibilities. Now that their know-how is well established I guess we can expect them to go even further!

And that was the program for the rest of the day… We had a meeting with a part of the products development team, and the marketing team! Their goal was to get some feedback from us but also to offer us a privileged point of view on how Line 6 works! Though I was interested in the guitar geek side of all this, I have to say that I’ve been really stimulated by other aspects !

Dont get me wrong, I am still a guitar, and gear maniac but lately I’ve had some other guitar-related interests, and there is no secret about it. I am very interested in brands identity, and image as well as brands communication (especially on the internet), and how do they try to stand over the crowd, etc… Because let’s face it: the gear itself is not enough anymore to stand over the competitors!

In that matter, Line 6 is probably ahead of most companies in the guitar business (just check them on social networks to see by yourself). Yet they are brainstorming like crazies on the topic : how could we go further?

And it was very informative since the introduction by Steve DeFuria, head of the strategy at Line6. In about 15 to 20 minutes he brought me a new light on what is Line6, their goal, and the spirit that moves them. Then Mike Murphy (Pod/Effects/PC product manager) got into more technical aspects suggesting that Line 6 R&D is working at its full potential to bring the best musicians gear from technology!

The Q&A that followed was a funny mix of hyper technical questions, a bit of curiosity about the upcoming products (and the Line 6 team was a bit secret about that), and discussions about the communication strategy of Line 6 on which they are focusing a lot (especially on their way to connect to their fans). The Q&A looked like what could be the Line 6 marketing strategy in the years to come: a mix of innovative products, a bit of crazy ideas, and nice music stories to tell !!

At the end of the day, I had one question turning in my mind: What if Line 6 was only starting its journey ??

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