Jack Conte: An Internet Musician.

I write a lot about musical instruments, and I often forget to talk about their purpose: making music. No, dont worry I’m not going to teach you how to make music, I won’t even pretend I could do so. I am just going to present one of my latest music crushes. Jack Conte is of that breed of musicians who are proving that the doomsayers who see the internet as the end of music are wrong. Jack Conte is an Internet musician who is making a living by selling MP3s online, and he is building his audience on videos of him playing his songs that he uploads on Youtube. Yes… People buying something that is available for free.


I immediatly have been hooked by his music right after a friend showed me a couple of his videos several weeks ago. Jack Conte’s music is just excellent whether you consider the songwriting or the production (audio and video). His music is made of many ingredients that I really dig. It has energy, crazyness, and it is mainly acoustic inspiration serving well a sort of electro rock music. I see it as a real good fusion of mutliple influences. Of course the most aware will easily recognize many of his inspirers, but who cares when the result is that good. The other reason why I am so fascinated is because Jack Conte is a multi-instrumentalist who uses some awesome gear that you can see in his videos. Electro-Harmonix fans should appreciate his excessive use of the EH pedals, and the noisy or ambiant tones he get out of these. I think some of you might even have heard of him first because he is in the business for a couple of years now, but also because he realized the video for the Electro-Harmonix Voice Box.


Here is a video of one of his tunes that like a lot… You will find many other on his Youtube page Jack Conte Music, and you can also listen and buy on his website jackcontemusic.com… I think I’m going to spend $15 (the price of everything he made so far) in a couple of minutes now.

Gulf – Jack Conte


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  1. C’est marrant qu’il sorte ces sons électrique avec une acoustique !!!
    Sinon, c’est vrai que c’est très sympa.
    J’aime particulière ment son pantalon écossais vert 🙂

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