It’s BioloZical

What if our cells could sing… What kind of music would they perform??
That’s what a weirdo microbiologist from the prestigious UCLA tried to capture and succeded to do… This science news had all the potential to attract me by tickling my scientific side (maybe one day I’ll tell ya this story)…

Ria Takahashi invented a system in which each of the 20 amino-acids, the bricks of the proteins, are expressed as 3 notes chords. Using a clever trick, and don’t insist I’m not goin’ to give you the details, she reduced the number of notes to 13 (i.e. 2 octaves) and assigned them a rythm depending on the protein-coding DNA structure. The most curious of you guys will check the original paper in the Genome Biology review… No need to say that it is highly technical (I even wonder sometimes if researchers really do speak english).

If you are just interested in the result… Let’s go for a ride on Gene2music to listen to the proteins chant…  I am pretty sure that Frank Zappa would have been very interested to re-arrange all this with his Mothers of Invention.

Ria Takahashi is even planning a piano concert during which she will play this exotic scores such Human Hemoglobin or Carp Cytochrome c…  I’ll keep you update if by any chance she starts a worldwide tour…

I love this idea and its result… Hope you’ll do so…

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