iShred… You Don’t?

I know I’m kinda joining the wolf pack, but since the release of the iPhone, music apps are spreading all over the web!! Here you can emulate an Ocarina… There the dancefloor geek can experiment the Bass Synth app… These are so popular that several iPhone bands and orchestras were born on youtube!! At least they don’t have any problem carrying their gear… It fits in the pocket!!

I don’t exactly know if it’s the worst or the best thing about it, but these videos buzz through the web like a swarm rushing to a honeypot!! The latest buzz is the Mentalists geekettes covering Kids by MGMT… Well, the reasons of such a buzz remain unclear to me!! Maybe that’s because:

  • For sure, they are hot… Let’s face it!! And males are just proned to be fooled by such a quartet…
  • MGMT is da bomb!! (Well, I don’t know about that because the band reminds of a period I tried very hard to erase from my memory… So I don’t really know the band)
  • The geeks of the web planet are becoming tomorrow’s trend-setters!!

I don’t have a clear opinion about all this… I just tend to think that these apps are way more interesting than Gui£$$ Her0!! If you look at it, a good guitar app will allow you to practice patterns if you are stuck away from home and your guitar!!

Anyway, I was jumping from a blog to another blog when I got into the iShred app (via… Huhuuh… Midi sounds are not convincing but the interface, the modelised pedals are quite interesting… A few jumps later, I got into this video…


Well, just close your eyes and listen… You would think it’s the real deal, no??

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