Strange Instrument #19: This is not an Axe… This is a Shovel Guitar!

While I was drifting from a site to another site I’ve stumble upon the following video that I’ve posted on the Muzicosphere Facebook page (and yes you can join the conversation there too, be my guest) but then I figured out that it was totally acceptable to be featured here too! Moreover it also appeared in my RSS feed reader via Hack a Day that gave some extra information that I was too lazy to search for. Funnily enough, la pelle which is the French word for shovel is also a slang word to name a guitar. Hence the title of this post “This is not an axe…”

This hack is absolutely fantastic, and the video is wonderfully weird!!


I think this could do a great job as a raw slide guitar… And here are all the steps to build such an axe… huh shovel… I mean axe… Noooo! Shovel guitar!

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