Strange Instrument #18 – Strat Crash Accident & Weird Performance

I’ve already seen this double body Stratocaster (most of the time we are used to double neck guitars) but I don’t really get the point there. I don’t understand the reason why such an instrument exists nor the aime of the weird performance in this video simply called Stereo.

Okay I can hear some kind of soundscape that could be considered as interesting. I also understand the “parasitic” nature of the tones provided by the 2 amps plugged on both bodies. I can get that  depending on the chords shape and placement, where the strings are strummed then there will be a bunch of parasitic, and unexpected vibrations that will be captured by the pickups. That I can get!  The result is also a bit surprising as if someone allowed Captain Beefheart & Sloy to wildly copulate!

Yet, I think that definitely there are some experiments that are way beyond the comprehension ability of a mean music lover… But I will understand sooner or later!


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