Seymour Duncan Innovation: Triple Shot Switching Ring

Last week I saw a tweet on twitter about this new product which isn’t that new at all but is a great innovation, and at least an interesting one for a dummy DIYer like me. Though it seems to exist since 2009 I’ve never heard about this new system by Seymour Duncan: the Triple Shot Switching Mounting Ring (via). To quickly sum it up this is a humbuckers mounting ring that allows the guitarist to enhance the wiring possibilities, and thus enhance the versatility of the guitar without adding any other switch, push-pull whatsoever.

Triple Shot Switching Ring by Seymour Duncan

This pick-up ring is equipped with 2 mini-switches that will do the job of any additional switch or push-pull that you would have to add in certain cases. So you won’t have to drill your guitar (in most extreme modification cases) nor you will have to mess up with the wiring. In any case, the soldering iron Attilas like me will be happy to use such a simple to implement system. These mini-switches are made to split the humbucker coils into single coil, and to change from series to parrallel wiring. Notice that you will need a 4 conductors humbucker in order to use the triple shot switching ring.

As previously mentioned, the advantage of this system is to be simple to implement without altering the guitar look. Yet the switches seem to be tiny so I don’t know if these are easy to manipulate though if you watch the video below you will the see that this dude doesn’t have any problem at all. Anyway as long as they keep on coming with solutions made to facilitate guitar mods I’ll say… “Well done Seymour Duncan!”

As you can see on this unpacking the triple shot switching ring video the switches are really tiny.


On this second video you can see the mounting ring used with a Seymour Duncan P-Rail on a Squier 51. I let you judge the differences by yourself as I don’t think the sound capture render them well enough.


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