Independent Musician: Could It Be The New El Dorado?

Spotted on JCFrog’s blog, I browsed into the website of Bandize… What is it?

Bandize is a new platform designed to help independent musicians and bands to keep on being independent!!

Bandize claims to be a management interface adapted to indie musicians. This interface should have several interesting features gathered in one place:

  • Shows/tours management
  • Accounting
  • Centralization of the social networks publications
  • Products management
  • Contacts management
  • Tasks management

The purpose is to help independent musicians providing them a sort of huge online planner/organizer, so that they can set up an effective intra-band communication, tasks allocation, etc… Bandize is still in a private beta phase, so… To be followed…

pumpaudioLet’s talk about another website, spotted several days ago on Guitar Noize, and that could be of interest for independent musicians…  The service provided by Pump Audio is a kind of mix between an agent/publisher service and a market place. Their purpose is to connect independent musicians with companies looking for music to put on their projects (TV, films, web,…). Pump Audio licenses the music and the musician get 50% of the fees received.

The process is quite simple though it is selective as you’ll have to pass an “audition” before joining the pool of Pump Audio musicians… or not! The particularity of this company, compared to others in this field (at least to my knowledge), is that the deal is non-exclusive and that you retain ownership of your songs.

I think these companies and the services they provide are fitting well in the debate about the future of music industry. If some of you guys already knew and tried these services… It might be cool to have some feedback!!

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  1. Et sinon, il existe une alternative à Bandize, gratuite et en français : Allostudio “Espace Groupe”. Je serais ravi de te la présenter si tu le souhaites 😉

    Bonne continuation !

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