They Really Don’t Know What to Create Anymore?

Air Guitar… By definition this is a guitar that doesn’t exist!! This is an activity that every guitarist once performed. Actually it is way beyond guitarists as every kids, and adults once did the air guitar trick! Pretend you are rockstar in front of your mirror… That’s pretty healthy!

Then one day, some genius somewhere thought… “Eureka… What if we made Air Guitars shows??”

Why not after all… Often these parties allow to hear some good music, and it is funny to see those guys air jamming on stage! I attended one of these gigs once in Paris (I was in the pit, not on stage)… It really is funny!!

Then one day, not the same day as mentionned above… Then another day, another “genius” somewhere thought… “Eureka!! What if we put an actual Air Guitar in the hands of Air Guitarists??” And this is where I say… well nothing actually! I’m torn between laughing out loud and questionning…

I’m laughing because even though this is just a bit of an actual solid Air Guitar, the concept is just plain stupid…

The question is how it will evolve from that point? I wonder if they should extend this bit of a neck… And maybe they should add a body, and pickups, and strings…

Lavoisier was frigging right… He could even have sum up his famous principle to its minimal statement: nothing is really created anymore!! Anyway, this funny picture is a perfect pic to go on Guitar Fail. You should join the fun there… It’s always to have some fun from guitar things.

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