Crazy New Musical Instruments At The Guthman Competition!!

That’s amazing to see how some people can still imagine the craziest inventions, even when you think that every possibilities have been explored in a given field. That’s the theme of the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition presented by the Georgia Tech Center For Music Technology which is a contest of new musical instruments.

The winner of this first edition, Jaime Oliver and his Silent Drums got back home with 5000$. The principle of his device is awesome… His fingers press the flexible drum head, it forms black shapes that are picked up by a video camera and piped to software that turns the shapes into sound in real time. I think that’s an impressive invention!


And there are 24 craziest inventions just like the giant sudoku transformed into a weird musical game, the Toob a kind of a hybrid between a trumpet and a Talk-Box or the Air Guitar Midi Controller that allows Air Guitar geeks to keep on air-playing but also to generate sounds… Crazy isn’t it??


I think their next competitions will be even more crazy… Message to all the music geeks around the world: Get ready for the next one!!

You can see all the 25 inventions on wired.

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  1. j’adore c’est excelent :p !

  2. J’aime bien le premier bien barré en effet !

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