[Book Review] Guitars: Sounds, Chromes & Stars

This might sounds weird now that we are in the digital area era (I really should pay attention!!), but I bought a bargain price book!! Guitars: Sounds, Chromes & Stars costed me 10 € in one of these discount bookshops, and needless to say that I’m happy with this purchase because the book is great. Not that it brings unique or original information, but the guitar enthusiasts like me will enjoy it.

It contains 199 pages of a rich and stunning pictures collection of legendary guitars from the mid 19th century acoustic guitars to the weirdest midi guitars (Roland) and organ guitars (Vox). Of course you’ll find some of the most beautiful guitars from Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, Martin, Ovation, Paul Reed Smith, and many more. Each picture of each model has a short descriptive text that overviews the history of the guitar, its iconic players, its distinctive characteristics, and sometimes the history of the company. The book also features some bass guitars models. Thanks to the big format, the pictures are very enjoyable. And believe you me, the pictures are really stunning. Especially the close-up pics focusing on one particular spot of the guitar.

Guitars: Sounds, Chromes & Stars is a perfect tribute to the most famous musical instrument of modern culture. If you are late in your Christmas shopping, this is an ideal gift for a guitar enthusiast.

Guitars, Sounds, Chrome & Stars: Written by Graham Kempster, and foreword by Steve Hackett.


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