Improbable Tribute Guitar: The Parker McFly

After the Shadokaster or Satch Me If You Can, here is a new slightly stupid post to hopefully bring you a little fun! You all know the Back to the Future trilogy, right?

Come on, I’m sure that some of you guys decided to grab a guitar after watching Marty McFly Van-Halen-ising Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode song! Don’t be ashamed! We all started somewhere!!

If they were to make a tribute guitar to this movie… This couldn’t be anything else but a Parker guitar! A Parker McFly obviously (yeah, the Fly at Parker is just as common as the RG at Ibanez or the -caster at Fender)! Everything about Parker guitars call for such a tribute! The good old guitar but with the futuristic designs from Parker… That is so Back to the Future spirit! The finish would obviously be light dark  grey just as the DeLorean they use to time travel.

We still have to invent the Flux Capacitor pickups but I think I have a good idea of what they should be doing! These would be modeller pickups that simulate  the best features of the vintage as well as modern pickups, and they also would have functionalities that we can barely imagine yet! Maybe they already exist somewhere (sometime?) in the future?!?!

I’m rather sure that just one copy of this axe would sell in a matter of minutes!! I’m sure! Come on Parker… Make an effort!

Hey… Just when I was finishing this post, I remembered that Marty’s girlfriend was Jennifer Parker!! Oh my… If it’s not a sign…

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  1. C’est un grand OUI!
    Les micros sont tout bonnement géniaux!
    D’ici à ce qu’on ce rende compte qu’en fait l’ancêtre de Telecaster n’était pas la broadcaster mais la Browncaster! (ok, je sors)

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